FCorp - File/Folder Launcher


Manage shortcuts for files, folders, and programs


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FCorp - File/Folder Launcher is a Windows operating system tool to give you access to your most frequently used files, folders, and applications fast and easily – without having to fill your desktop with shortcuts that end up taking up the whole screen.

This tool is designed to avoid all the problems that come from creating a lot of shortcuts on your desktop, as over time this slows down your computer and makes it hard to locate what you were looking for in the first place. Now, with FCorp - File/Folder Launcher, you can set up keys on your keyboard to open a certain file or launch a certain application.

Besides making it easier for you to access certain files, FCorp - File/Folder Launcher also makes it easier for you to check all kinds of information for the files on your computer. You can view basic and detailed information for documents, videos, and folders in general. Make sure you assign simple and easy-to-remember shortcuts for the resources you use every day. Then you can locate what you need without wasting any time.
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